Lithuania – Mission Moment

God cares very deeply about all people in the whole world. He cares that people have enough food to eat and drink. He also desires that all people come to know and believe in Jesus as their Savior from sin and death. He cares so much He sent Jesus to suffer and die for the sins of all people of all time. Through pastors and missionaries, God provides spiritual food and drink that all may come to believe in Jesus. First, through God’s very Word, missionaries preach and teach about our sin and God’s plan to save us. Second, our pastors share God’s Sacraments as life-giving spiritual food. Through Baptism, we receive the gift of faith. Through the Lord’s Supper, we receive forgiveness and assurance of our eternal life. In Lithuania, our missionaries serve others through acts of mercy, caring for physical needs while at the same time caring for spiritual needs. Using Word and Sacrament, our missionaries hope to share the spiritual nourishment God has richly provided.