Spain – Mission Moment

Spain is a very old country, but the Lutheran Church in Spain is very young. By working with local Lutheran church pastors, LCMS mission work in Spain is focused on training Spanish men to become pastors in their own towns and villages. As the Word of God spreads, the number of mission posts increases. In these mission posts, pastors and missionaries can visit, proclaim the Gospel, and teach that the devil, death, and our sins are nothing compared to the love Christ has for us. Christ’s love is so great that He died to take away all of our sins, and He gives us the Holy Spirit in Baptism to help us live each day in His love. Through pastors and missionaries in Spain, we pray that more people be baptized, clinging to Jesus’ promise that whoever believes and is baptized will be saved. Thanks be to God for missionaries in Spain who preach and teach about Jesus and the forgiveness found in Him alone.